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We are excited to be able to offer you the chance to own a piece of jewellery that is unique to you.

We can now custom make Jewellery using Australian Opals, with many options to customise and make it your own there has never been a better time to come in store and ask about our bespoke jewellery options.

About Australian Opals

Australia has been one of the most popular opal suppliers for the last 100 years. Formed from the deposition of silica heavy water and slowly hardened over 40 million years. One reason Australian opals are so popular is that they  contain small amounts of water, This means they are

harder wearing and will never lose any of their

brilliance or colour.

Custom Opal Jewellery

We are able to produce Rings, Pendants and Earrings using these dazzling gemstones. We have a range of opal colours for you to choose from including: 

  • White Snow

  • Sky Blue

  • Peacock Blue

  • Space Blue

  • Sea Green

  • Fire Orange

  • Ruby Red

  • Indigo

  • Rose Pink

  • And more

These pieces will be unique to you with no one else on the planet having one to match. It will be made to order and can be designed to fit any wearer.

Visit us in store and talk to our friendly staff to discover your latest statement piece today.

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